About The Site

With this here blog I hope to write some of my views and opinions on the sports I love as well as bring some news from across those sports. I also plan on recording some audio & maybe some video content. I will be posting up my weekly NFL picks, I will try and keep up with all the NBA games and make picks for those.

I will also be covering NCCA Football along with both the men & female NCAA basketball competitions, MLB, NASCAR, the world of MMA & talk a bit of pro wrestling.

If this sounds like something you will enjoy why not sit back, relax and get stuck in.

About The Author

I love all things American not just the sports. When it comes to sports I am I die hard Boston sports guy, be it the Patriots, Celtics or Red Sox I’m in, If I was a soccer fan I would be a Revolution fan, If I liked Ice Hockey I would be a Bruins fan, you get the picture.

I will and do watch other teams than my own and try to take in as much as possible to keep myself up-to-date and informed.

When I’m not watching sports I’m listening to sports podcasts.

I am also a massive American TV fan especially crime dramas.

I am also a massive fan of music and have music based website/podcast.


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